Our Class of 2023

Fred Costello

Famed Rochester Red Wings organist and the longest-reigning sports organist in U.S. history.


Reggae-style Rochester band celebrating its 50th anniversary

Garth Fagan

Tony Award-winning choreographer who revolutionized modern dance and Broadway dance

Sebastian Marino

Concert producer, songwriter, and lead guitarist with heavy-metal bands Anvil and Overkill

Tweet (Charlene Keys)

Soulful vocalist and songwriter who had chart-topping hits and provided backing vocals on recordings for Missy Elliott, Madonna, and Whitney Houston

Brother Wease (Alan Levin)

Colorful and celebrated radio personality and community supporter and inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame

Will Hollis

Long-time music director and keyboardist for the Eagles, as well as music director and arranger for national tours with Shania Twain and Gwen Stefani