John Ellison

Class of 2024

John Ellison has been making music for more than six decades, releasing his latest album in February 2024. He says he has written more than 1,000 songs, but yet is proud to continue celebrating his most recognizable song — “Some Kind of Wonderful.”

As a songwriter and lead singer Rochester-based band Soul Brothers Six, “Some Kind of Wonderful” recorded for Atlantic Records “Some Kind of Wonderful,” hitting no. 91 on the Top 100 in 1967. Two years later Soul Brothers Six would disband, but that song has had several lives over the last 57 years, beginning with Grand Funk Railroad covering the single in 1974 and hitting no. 3 on the Billboard charts. “Some Kind of Wonderful” has gone on to be covered by more than 70 artists, including Rod Steward, Joss Stone, and Huey Lewis & The News. Huey’s recording hit no. 7 on the Billboard charts.

The song is now certified platinum. When a new manager was moving the band to Philadelphia in 1967, Ellison’s girlfriend at the time bid him farewell and handed him the lunch she packed him. His final words to here were, “You’re some kind of wonderful.” On the car ride to Philly, he was inspired and wrote the hit song.

“Some Kind of Wonderful” earned a BMI Special Citation of Achievement Award because the song has been performed more than 4 million times by various artists.