Rick Beato

Class of 2024

Rick Beato is a social-media influencer with 4 million subscribers to his “Everything Music” YouTube Channel. The Guardian newspaper called him “the internet’s pre-eminent musical sage.” A CNN feature in February 2024 called his videos “compulsively watchable.”

Also an accomplished musician and music producer, Beato is an unlikely YouTube star, who is now sought out by some of the biggest names in music for his educated, relaxed, and informative interviews, including Sting and Brian May of Queen. He goes deep but he doesn’t use a script. Beato’s live stage performances are continually sold out.

Beato launched his YouTube channel believing that “Nobody is gonna watch an old, white-haired guy on YouTube.” His fan base grew quickly and soon proved him wrong. His most-watched videos include the “Top Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time” and “The Top 20 Greatest Vocal Solos.”

His popularity is a combination of content, delivery, style, and his knowledge as both an expert and a fan. Beato’s YouTube work showcases that he is a “consummate teacher,” using the internet as his classroom and platform. The Fairport native grew up in a family of musicians and music lovers. He has said his channel allows him to share with others the rich musical background was fortunate to be raised with. Beato went on to earn a master’s degree in jazz guitar and has taught jazz studies at Ithaca College. When working as a music producer, with bands like Shinedown, Beato ultimately produced more than 750 recordings and co-wrote the no. 1 country song “Carolina.”