Little did I know . . .

I used to think I knew a little bit about the music scene, past and present, here in Rochester. Since becoming involved in the Rochester Music Hall of Fame, I’ve found out how very little I really know! The selection and criteria committee did so much research, spanning over 200 years, and compiled a list of people and places I didn’t even know existed and/or didn’t know were connected to Rochester. The imprint that Rochester has made on music the world over is truly amazing.

Since reading some of that research, I’ve done a little exploring. I went to some places where these Rochester music icons once lived; I took photos of a location where a very important venue once stood. After Friday night, when the first slate of nominees is announced, I will begin to post some of the photos I’ve taken, and I will continue to explore this amazing music city.

This Friday, the Rochester Music Hall of Fame Launch Party is the place for our community to come together to begin celebrating and honoring Rochester’s rich musical heritage. I hope to see you there!

Tracy Kroft, blogging for RMHF

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