Loving Rochester and Music

I think I may be one of the few non-musicians who has been involved with the launch of the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. Can’t play a note (despite the valiant efforts of a piano teacher) and babies and small dogs start to cry and howl when I start to sing. But, damn, I love music. Almost any kind. It is essential to my soul.

I also love Rochester. Sometimes, I can’t really tell you why (especially in February). But it is a good town with good people. And that has never been proven to me more than during this grassroots effort. A bunch of people saw a gap and following the vision of Karl LaPorta, they decided to turn an idea into action. Makes me proud to know them and be part of them.

So now, it’s your turn. If you love music and love Rochester, embrace the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. Give us some money if you can. Come to events. Sign up for our updates. Volunteer your time. Argue about the nominees. Debate who should be inducted. Tell us your stories. Send us pictures. Join in the fun.

Kathy Palokoff, blogging for RMHF

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