The Start of the Rochester Music Hall of Fame

What is the Rochester Music Hall of Fame? Why have I never heard of it before? Who’s involved with it? These are all questions that rushed into my head when I was told as part of my internship with CUSTOMERicity I would be managing the social media for the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. From that point forward I learned everything I could about the Rochester Music Hall of Fame and the people involved with it.

In March 2009, local musician, Karl LaPorta, wrote in the Democrat and Chronicle about his desire to have a place in the city of Rochester where local musicians and their accomplishments could be recognized and celebrated. Karl’s editorial received so many positive reactions that Karl immediately went to work to assemble a group of supporters. With their help and the support of others Karl’s vision has become a reality.

The Rochester Music Hall of Fame was put in place to celebrate those with ties to Rochester whose musical talents and creativity contributed to the creation of musical excellence. Each year new members will be inducted with a ceremony to celebrate their contribution to music and the city of Rochester.

On April 29th the Rochester Music Hall of Fame plans on honoring their first class of inductees at a musical gala. The gala is being held at the Eastman Theatre and begins at 7 p.m. All inductees are expected to attend and many plan on performing that night. If you are as excited as we are for this event join us! Tickets go on sale Thursday, March 8th.

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