The House of Guitars

Class of 2014

The House of Guitars® (aka The Great, Great House of Guitars and “the store that ate my brain”) is considered the world’s largest music store and for 50 years has been viewed as a musician’s paradise, known to artists worldwide and loved by local fans. It is a store for the pros and those who want to sound like the pros. The House of Guitars® (HOG) customer and fan list includes Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Cheap Trick, Marilyn Manson, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, and Metallica. Upon visiting the store, Metallica members declared, “There are things here I’ve only seen in magazines. And dreams.” What sets the HOG apart is its museum-like aura and its winding rooms filled with gear and records, featuring millions of records and CDs and tens of thousands of instruments. Started by the Schaubroeck brothers out of the basement of their mother’s home in 1964, owners Armand and Bruce keep themselves in the public eye a half-century later with bizarre video commercials for the store as well as public appearances. They also give back to the community, via food drives for local food cupboards and by loaning gear to bands who are performing at fundraisers and benefits. The HOG is revered as the best-known indie music store in the country and has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and People magazine and Esquire magazine named it the #2 stop on its roadmap of musical America.