The Dady Brothers

Class of 2020
The Dady Brothers (Photo: Provided)

The Dady Brothers were a musical duo who performed professionally — and won the hearts of audiences and fans — for more than 40 years.

The music of John and Joe Dady transcends genres and generations by melding American folk roots and Irish traditional influences into an amalgam of sound that is uniquely their own. After entertaining audiences throughout the world for decades, Joe Dady passed away in 2019. Like his brother John, he was a highly skilled instrumentalist and singer. The Dady Brothers have garnered many awards and recognition for their talents and cultural and community contributions.

The instruments they’ve commanded include guitar, four- and five-string banjo, penny whistle, ukulele, fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, harmonica, concertina, and the uilleann pipes.

They have taken their talents to many diverse venues from the reaches of Alaska to Ireland from the Caribbean to Nova Scotia, performing more 5,000 shows at concert halls, schools, music festivals and night clubs. The Dadys hosted more than 20 guided tours of Ireland, escorting hundreds of folks on the tours of their lives.

Fellow musicians also appreciated The Dady Brothers, including Pete Seeger, with whom they’ve performed, and Dave Matthews who said, “I love these guys. Where can I get more of their music?” The late Bat McGrath, a fellow Hall of Famer, declared, “They’re the best acoustic act I’ve seen.”

Performance at the ceremony: John Dady will perform on the Kodak Hall stage, joined by musicians John Michael Ryan, Perry Cleveland, and Gary Holt.