Fred Costello

Class of 2023

The famed Rochester Red Wings organist has been entertaining fans at Red Wings games since 1977. Fred holds the title of longest-reigning sports organist in U.S. history!

His musical background includes performances in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Hollywood, Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas.

When he’s not high atop the stadium, his jazz group “Fred Costello & Company” is performing at local clubs and events OR you’ll find him at Costello Music Studio at the House of Guitars.

Among Fred’s past honors are being featured as top sports organist on NBC’s “Game Of The Week,” being elected to the Rochester Walk Of Fame in 1999, and receiving the prestigious “Spirit of the International League Award” in 2011.

Fred’s autobiography is titled “A LIFETIME OF NIGHTCLUBS & BALLPARKS” and focuses on his role on and off the baseball field, as a ball player AND organ player.

Beyond of his longevity with the team, proof of his dedication to Rochester AND the Red Wings is his turning down offers by several teams to be THEIR organist – including the Sabres, the Mets, and the Yankees!