Nashville Folk Singer With Rochester Ties

(Originally written by Scott Gudell)

Ross Falzone has released five CDs as a self-proclaimed “folk singer / social justice activist.” Now based in Nashville, he got his start decades ago in Rochester as an assistant engineer and performed on the HBO theme music song which had its origins in Rochester when he worked with recent Rochester Music Hall of Fame inductee Ferdinand Jay Smith III. Falzone’s two most recent releases are Love Is Everything and We Are All Gypsies.

The title cut of Love Is Everything opens the 2016 disc with a casual clarinet, some tasty gypsy guitar and moves forward at an easy going pace. That’s followed by a lonely, late night piano as it gently introduces “Baby Where Are You Tonight.” Falzone picks up the pace with the perky “Cecilia’s Kitchen” and the bawdy “Trouble In Paradise” which allows the horns a brief yet potent flash at the songs mid-point.

We Are All Gypsies is his 2018 collection. “The Spell,” co-written with Ferdinand Jay Smith III, echoes all of the 1930s carefree gypsy jazz elements of that era, capturing the vintage sound and feel of Django Reinhart as well as the modern styling of Stephane Wrembel. “You and Me” is a casual stroll through a similar gypsy sound and style while “My Piano and Me” could find a comfortable resting place on a children’s CD. Falzone aims to include a cover on most of his releases and he gets sassy and funky on Delbert McClinton’s “Better Off With The Blues,” complete with more bawdy horns, followed by a quick trip to New Orleans via “Lucky Me.”

Falzone donates all of the proceeds of disc sales to charity so try to track down a CD, buy it and help out as much as you can. Go to for more info.