On the “Board” Walk: RMHF Publicist, Dresden Engle

(Originally written by Scott Gudell)

Crafting A New Musical: Eddie Money’s Two Tickets To Paradise, The Musical Debuts in Rochester, New York

Sales exceeded 28 million records. There were close to two dozen hits in the Top 100 music charts during the 1970s and 1980s including “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise”. Add a few Grammy nominations, countless road trips and numerous concerts along the way. Fast forward to 2018. Former cop Eddie Money, a true rock star born in Brooklyn in 1949, has come to Rochester, teamed up with RAPA’s Jim Vollertsen and been in rehearsal crafting and perfecting Two Tickets To Paradise – The Musical here in Rochester since the fall of 2017. The world premier will take place from Feb 14 – 18 at the Kodak Center Theater. (200 Ridge Road West) and will feature a full orchestra, a rock band and a cast of twenty people including Alec Nevin who will play a young Eddie Money. Then there’s the ‘official’ publicist for the Rochester Music Hall of Fame, Ms. Dresden Engle, who is scheduled to perform in the play as Money’s supportive mother. As Ms. Engle points out “Eddie’s mom was the world to him. There are a total of three heart-wrenching songs between mom and Eddie — all Broadway-style ballads Eddie wrote for the musical — that cement for the audience how close they were.” She went on to say “Eddie told me (recently) that I’m playing her just as wonderful as she was. That was a relief and an honor to hear.” In addition, Money himself will narrate the musical and guide the audience through the evening. “For me, the musical captures that most important time when you’re starting out before you get jaded” Money said.

There will only be five Rochester performances and then, maybe a trip on the road with Broadway in its sights. As Ms. Engle stated “I worked closely with Eddie on the script and now I’ll be working with Eddie to promote the production on national tour following the Rochester debut. Sure, we talk about taking it all the way to Broadway. This musical is Eddie’s dream, and we’re all excited to help make his dream come true, while at the same time he is making all of our dreams come true as well.”

Here’s your chance to be part of the beginning, here in Rochester, where it’s all starting. Call 585 254 0073 for updates and additional info.